Pay by the month with Premium Funding

Paying your insurances by the month is great for cash flow. Rather than paying one upfront amount you can pay by manageable monthly instalments. Terms & Conditions apply and charges are usually a tax deduction.

Pay your Insurance Month by Month. Would you like more information?

Understanding Insurance Terms

Insurance documents can be full of unfamiliar terms. For those who like to read click the link for jargon free explanations. Otherwise, call us!

Uninsured Checklist

One of our roles as your general insurance adviser is to highlight areas where you may have an exposure to loss but are presently uninsured.

This Checklist briefly lists some of the available classes of insurance that you do not currently hold and that you have not instructed us to arrange on your behalf. The Checklist is not exhaustive and does not include all types of policies available in the various insurance markets. Availability of some classes may be subject to market conditions at the time.

If you wish to have more information on any of these or any other class of insurance, please contact us and we will provide you details as soon as possible. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss them and obtain quotations.

Although many of these insurance policies may not be appropriate to your needs today, the circumstances of your business may change and so we recommend that you review this list regularly to ensure that you remain comfortable carrying any uninsured exposures.

For ease of reference, we have split the list into four headings:

If you would like advice about your insurance needs, please contact us.