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Professional Indemnity insurance or liability insurance as it is also known is a type of insurance that covers a business that provides advice or services to their client base. This means you are not providing them with a physical product that they take home. Your business is based around services.

These can include financial advisors, marketing services, brokers, and advertising services. Professional indemnity insurance is there to protect your business if there are damages that are incurred from the services that you have provided. If a claim is made against you by a client, you can speak to your insurance team and have the process put through them.

Some of the concerns that can lead to a client making a claim against you and your business can include:

  • Negligence: They may claim that you provided the services in a negligent way and did not consider their best interests when advising of them of the services and how to proceed
  • Malpractice: If your client believes that harm has been done to them, their business or their belonging due to you not providing the best possible services or not providing quality when doing so, they may suggest that there was malpractice evident.
  • Damages: If a client believes that the services you provided resulted in damages or injury to them, their belongings or their investments that may raise this as a complaint.

By having adequate professional indemnity insurance in place, you do not need to worry about trying to resolve the situation on your own or having to pay compensation from your own pocket.

If after the insurance claim has been made and it is found that your business is at fault, compensation can be paid for through your insurance.