Do you have any hobbies? Hobbies can be expensive depending on what you decide you are in to.  Not only the initial outlay but also maintenance and upkeep. Pleasure crafts are a type of hobby that you can get involved in. Items such as jet skis, boats, off road motorbikes and hoverboards. 

These items are known as pleasure crafts and can be added to their own insurance policy. Having the right insurance policy in place means that you are covered for both damage and theft of your leisure items.

Having an insurance policy in place to cover these rather expensive pleasure crafts means that you are able to enjoy them without the stress and worry about how you will repair or replace them if something goes wrong.

You can take out an insurance policy that covers the items for fire, theft, and accident. Meaning that you can be financially compensated if they are stolen or considered a write off. Or you can have the cost of repairs put through your insurance so that you are not out of pocket.