Another insurance that is important to consider is health insurance. A health insurance policy is there to assist you in the costs of different medical conditions and treatments that you and your family may need. They can cover preexisting conditions (if eligible), emergency surgeries and in some cases elective treatments and procedures.

  • Hospital Cover: Hospital cover is one of the options that you can take out when it comes to health insurance. By having hospital cover in place, you can visit the hospital as a private patient. This can cover both emergency and prearranged visits to the hospital. Things such as emergency surgery can also go through your insurance. By being a private patient, you may be able to reduce waiting times for prearranged surgeries and choose your own doctors within the hospital.
  • Extras Cover: In addition to hospital cover you can also take out extras cover. Extra’s cover is there to cover you for treatments and services that are provided outside of the hospital. These can include things such as dental, optical, physio and natural treatment. There are different levels of cover that you can choose from. These different levels can determine the types of services you are eligible for and the rebate amounts that you are able to receive.

You can choose to take out only hospital or extra cover, or you can combine them and get a policy that covers you for both. It is important if you are a part of a family or are considering starting a family that you investigate health insurance and find a product that suits your needs.

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