icare's revamped CX program boosts customer satisfaction

NSW insurer icare has successfully embedded a renewed focus on the workers, employers, and healthcare providers of NSW through an overhaul of its approach to customer experience (CX), as demonstrated by its rising net promoter score (NPS). Only 18 months after icare launched its bespoke customer-experience management programme, the insurer’s NPS, which measures customer experience and predicts business growth, jumped 26 points, demonstrating a substantial increase in customer satisfaction. “Social initiatives, business strategy, even culture; everything in our new CX programme exists to meet the needs of the workers, employers, and the healthcare providers of New South Wales,” said John Nagle, interim CEO of icare. “The insights work we’ve done with Perceptive has helped us successfully develop a more inclusive, more adaptable, more reciprocal workers’ compensation insurance programme. What’s more, our stakeholders; employers, workers and healthcare providers are quickly adapting and are thoroughly in favour of the new system.” “More often than not, companies implement a CX programme without the commitment to evolve, and improve how they deliver their services,” said Chris Pescott, CEO of Perceptive. “The companies that commit to delivering better experiences to customers, and put this above all else, are the ones that eventually lead their industries. These are the companies that innovate to deliver what their customers need, breaking the traditional service models, to move to a more customer-centric model, and icare is a fantastic example of this.”

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