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Home, Landlord, Motor, Boat

  • Home & Contents Insurance – Accidental Damage / Listed Events cover

  • Landlords Insurance – Contents / Liability / Loss of Rent / Theft & Malicious Damage

  • Pleasure Craft – Boats, Jet ski, Private

  • Motor – Comprehensive / Third Party,CTP Greenslips

  • Caravan Insurance



Build your own insurance policy which can include the following options: 

Business Package Insurance


Travel insurance for the one off overseas trip or the frequent travel or business cover for your company.

Cover includes but not limited to Emergency Medical, Personal Accident, Loss of Documents, Cancelation, Hire Car, Personal Liability & Kidnap and Ransom.

Other associated protection available include:

  • Expatriate medical expenses

  • Inbound medical expenses

  • Journey Insurance

  • Sick and Accident (including group policies)

  • Voluntary workers

  • Directors personal accident



Exposures arising out of Internet Communications.

Cyber criminals target information that can be quickly turned into cash with little effort. For example:

  • Personal identifiable information

  • Government ID numbers

  • Medical records

  • Payment card data

  • Email address databases

  • Customer web sites

  • Client records


The concept of Cyber Liability considers first and third party risks. This includes privacy issues, the infringement of intellectual property, virus transmission, or any other serious trouble that may be passed from first to third parties via the Web.



Why You Need Professional Indemnity Insurance

In business, we all want to provide quality accurate advice but occasionally situations arise where we give incorrect advice to clients. As clients make decisions based on the advice or service provided by your company, if this advice is incorrect it may lead to a financial loss. 


Your client will expect to be reimbursed for the loss they have incurred. In the event an allegation needs to be defended the associated legal costs are extremely expensive.




Management Liability Insurance protects you and the company against the risks and exposures of running the company. for example, your liability for mismanagement.

Provides protection for the individual when the company cannot reimburse the individual. This means the individual will not be personally out of pocket, funding legal costs, when they are sued in their capacity as an employee, director or officer of the company.

Employment Practice Liability. Protection for the individuals and the company for claims involving employee disputes. With the ongoing changes to workplace legislation, it is often confusing for employers to stay on top of their duties and obligations. Employees are more aware than ever of their rights and will not hesitate to make a complaint if they feel they have been unfairly treated. Consider also that a potential employee (someone that you decided not to hire) could bring an action against you for discrimination.



If you're a business that sells goods and services on credit terms, a substantial percentage of your working capital is probably tied up waiting for your customers to pay their account (accounts receivable). 

In the event the account is not paid and ends up as a bad debt it is much more than simply a loss of money you were due to receive. The truth is you can never make up for the cost of a bad debt. The impact is immediate, it can put stress on cash flow and will affect your profitability.  For most businesses, the value of the money owed to you (accounts receivable) is one of the largest assets and yet often uninsured.

 This insurance policy can provide a range of benefits.

Sales expansion. If your bad debts (receivables) are insured, you can safely sell more goods and services to existing or new customers that may have otherwise been too risky.

Improving your financing terms. In some instances, banks and other lenders will lend more capital or provide better funding rates if your bad debts (receivables) are insured.

Reduce your bad debt allocation. Provides indemnity from customer’s non-payment, thus freeing up the company’s cash.



Covers the loss of, or damage to, goods you buy, sell or use in your company when they are in transit by road, rail, air and sea within the defined geographical limits defined in the policy whether Worldwide or within Australia.


Covers the breakdown of mechanical machinery including air conditioning, computers and electronic equipment, the cost of restoring computer records following a breakdown.

The increased cost of working (such as the hiring of alternative computers and hiring of additional staff) following the breakdown of computers. The cost of replacing stock which is kept in freezers or refrigerated units, if the fridge or freezer breaks down.


Theft insurance generally covers your company against loss or damage to stock and contents if someone forces their way onto your premises, or uses deception to get into the premises. It usually does not cover cash losses, which can be covered separately under a money policy.


The professional fees incurred in connection with an audit or investigation of your business's financial or tax affairs by any authority to do so, for example, the Australian Taxation Office or Workers Compensation authority.

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