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Phoenix Risk Service’s is a dynamic, fresh and relative insurance and risk solution professional. We can handle all your insurance needs from your house and car to your business and international growth plans you have. We are a local company who has strong relationships not only locally but nationally and internationally with all risk solution providers. We are committed to providing you with high quality service that is uniquely specific to you and your business.

Frustration is often expressed over the Insurance Industry providing documents without explaining the detail in terms that can be easily understood. Insurance policies are legal contracts and unless you live and breathe them they’re a difficult read and full of terminology that confuses the best of us.

Phoenix Risk Services work with Insurers to ensure an advantageous solution for you. Our client is not an Insurance company it’s you.

We take the time to educate, so you can make informed choices rather than decisions you’re not comfortable with or unsure about. We understand you want attention to detail so we have designed solutions to ensure you receive this.

Phoenix Risk Services provide Insurance and Risk Management services that are not only superior and uniquely specific to your business but provide second to none service and advice.

For others, the sell and then some more selling is the focus of their operation or business model. We at Phoenix believe it’s primarily about you, your business, your needs and your wants, not a product or service but a connected, positive and cooperative approach to support your business with the transfer of risk.



Although Phoenix may be a new name in the insurance risk professional space our director Michael Butler has more than 16 years’ experience working for both international and local insurance risk professionals.

Michael is widely regarded in the industry as an experienced, professional and ethical Insurance Broker. His attention to detail, excellent communication skills and industry knowledge make him a trusted name in the business. His experience in the industry has allowed him to work with a wide range of underwriters with contacts locally, in Sydney and the overseas market including New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, North America and London.

Michael is a Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker (QPIB), a Certified Insurance Professional (CIP), and holds a Diploma of Insurance Broking from NIBA. He has been working in the General Insurance industry since 2000 including Broking in the local market since 2006. In 2002 Michael commenced Insurance Broking and since then has developed a professional reputation beyond repute, from both his clients and the Insurer’s perspective.

Having serviced a broad range of clients from local small business, financial institutions and national health funds to large corporate multi-national firms employing 1000+ staff, Michael has the


knowledge, understanding and commitment to provide you with high quality service that is uniquely specific to you and your business, with specialist experience in the cost-effective placement of Insurance for Large National & Multi-National Corporate Risks including the specialist understand of the financial risks placement of these entities.

Starting his insurance career with NRMA Insurance Michael built strong knowledge and understanding of the Insurance Underwriting industry, whilst cementing relationships within the insurance market. It was time well spent as it helps him understand insurance from both sides – from an insurer’s perspective as well as from his clients. Using this understanding of both the underwriting and client service to provide you with high quality service that is uniquely specific to you and your business, that delivers relative and timely risk transfer solutions for clients


Michael lives locally and enjoys all aspects of Newcastle life. He understands the importance of a work life balance and when not in the office can be found enjoying the outdoors with his two young sons. Michael is a keen supporter of all sports and enjoys watching his local team the Newcastle Knights.


An insurance broker can save you time, money and worry. Just like an accountant or lawyer who provides you with professional advice, based on years of training and experience, a qualified broker can do the same with your insurance.

Insurance can be incredibly complicated to fully understand, and an insurance broker can help you understand the details of a policy and also work out what level of cover you need so that you are properly protected.

Using a broker doesn't necessarily cost more. Often it costs less because brokers have knowledge of the insurance market and the ability to negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf. In addition, because insurance brokers deal with a range of insurance companies directly, sometimes they can access policies that are not available to most consumers.

If the worst happens and you do have to make a claim, a broker will act on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for the client. So whether it's home, car, life or business insurance, brokers are the best, most trusted source of advice available to make sure you are properly protected.

You will benefit most by developing a close business relationship where the broker understands your future, the associated risks and how you like to do business.

An insurance broker’s foremost duty is to their client. An insurance broker works for you, not for the insurance companies. We always work for you to ensure security, assurance and understanding.

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